Tommys Feral Feline Friends

A NO-KILL Shelter for Feral Cats

Stan Carmichael

StanCarmichaelMr. Stan Carmichael, Secretary of Tommy’s Feral Feline Friends (TFFF), is a life-long animal lover / activist and a true asset to our endeavors. Being a Native American of Cherokee descent, he has brought our organization a deeper understanding of all things related to saving abandoned, lost and abused cats. He has, in fact, adopted many of those rescued cats as his own personal pets.

In addition to his dedicated service to TFFF as our Secretary, he has long-served our community in other vital ways. After Mr. Carmichael served the U.S. during the Vietnam Era, he received a business degree, which enabled him to oversee our state’s official buildings for 20 years. He has also served the local area by being actively involved in helping to furnish low-cost housing to our disabled and low-income residents. In addition, he established a community-based garden for residents to grow their own organic vegetables. His continued dedication to and caring for the TFFF cause is essential to our continued service and is greatly appreciated by all of us who work with him.