Tommys Feral Feline Friends

A NO-KILL Shelter for Feral Cats

Rose Murphy

1043389080_the_crazy_cat_lady11_312x383_xlargeRose Murphy; co-founder, is a highly educated college graduate who worked with the handicapped, abused children, and the terminally ill elderly. In the past, she has volunteered as a crisis counselor as well as helping the homebound elderly. She has always loved animals and had numerous animals of her own. She is the socializer & rehabilitator of all the animals, administers all medications, rehabilitates all the sick animals in our care, coordinates and runs the foster homes, coordinates for fundraising, cleans daily all foster homes on a daily basis, assists with the daily feedings, assist with the buying & delivering of food & litter, assists with the shoveling, building cafes, & houses and does all the correspondence with the community & public donations.